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Valuation is a basis for planning the sale of a Business. Owners will use our opinion of value as an indication that now is the right time to sell, or use it as a tool to prepare for going to market in the future. 

Value is calculated using three methodologies:  Market, Income (aka cash flow or seller’s discretionary earnings), and Physical Assets.  

We will help you look at your Business from the perspective of a Buyer. Assessing the sustainability of long-term growth, and understanding the commitments a new owner will endeavor in considering buying your business.

We like to see three to five years of success, as well as how the business is currently performing

Some of the criteria we use for valuation:

  • Financial Statements and Balance Sheets

  • Tax Returns

  • Estimated Inventory value

  • Estimated value of furniture, fixtures, and equipment

  • Lease Agreement

  • Other criteria specific to your business and industry

Valuation: Services
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